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Fly for Free – Earn a Southwest Companion Pass Quickly! – Offer expires 12/6/2012


What is a Southwest Companion Pass? It is a pass from Southwest Airlines that allows you to bring a companion anywhere you fly…for free. Yep! Travel with your spouse, relative, friend, or foe for free for the next 2 years. You also receive $1,600 worth of free flights when you convert your bonus points!


How Do I get the Southwest Companion Pass? You need 100 one way flights in a calendar year OR 110,000 bonus points in order to receive a Southwest Companion Pass.


How to Earn 110,000 Bonus Points:
  1. Earn your Southwest Companion Pass (110,000 bonus points) quickly by signing up for 2 Chase Southwest credit cards.
  2. One will be for a personal account the other will be for a business account.
    • If you do not own a real business, you may still qualify.
    • You may also call the Chase Business Reconsideration Line (800-453-9719)  if you  do not qualify for a business card right away.
    • Here are some tips to make your phone call a success, courtesy of MillionMileSecrets.
  3. You will get 52,000 bonus points from your personal card and another 52,000 bonus points from your business card
    • You must spend $2,000 on each card (total = $4,000) within 3 months
    • Make sure to wait until 2013 before you spend the total $4,000 in order to get your Companion Pass for 2013 and 2014
    • Sign up online to monitor your spending
  4. To earn the extra 6,000 points needed you can:
    1. Sign up for Choice Hotel Points and buy 20,000 Choice hotel points for $220 and transfer them for 5,882 Southwest Bonus Points HERE.
    2. Spend $118 more on either of your Chase Southwest cards OR get 1,000 more Southwest Bonus Points by spending $29.99 plus shipping at TeleFlora, a Southwest Rewards Parnter.


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